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I was taught  ( I believe ) that when Jesus confronted thomas after the resurrection ,that he told thomas to "put your finger into my hand,,,ETC In the Bible it says "take your finger and BEHOLD my hands. This is trivial, I know but in the original Aramaic (? ) version did it say hand or arm or what. All the crucifixes I've known show the nails in Our Lords hands . Modern theologian / scientists say it was the wrist. This does not affect my faith a bit, but if the aramaic said hand that would be the end of it. Please forgive my wasting your time with such a miniscule point.

The language of the New Testament is not Aramaic, but Greek.  What language Christ used is a matter of some dispute.  Probably, he used Aramaean, Greek, and Latin on different occasions.

In St. John's Gospel (XX.27), the text in the Greek New Testament is:  "Phere ton daktulon sou hode kai ide tas cheiras mou...."

St. Jerome renders the Greek literally (as always) into the official Catholic Latin Vulgate as:  "Infer digitum tuum huc, and vide manus meas...."

Literally:  "Bear your finger hither, and see my hands...."

Since the wrist is part of the hand, Greek (or Latin) words would have included that anatomy.  Artistic renderings are not necessarily meant to be literal.  Medical experiments indicate that the nails were put not into the palm of the hands, but into the division between the radius and ulna bones of the wrist, which would have been strong enough to hold the weight of the body, whereas the palms would not have been.  


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