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Why, according to traditional Catholic theology, did Lucifer choose to dissobey God? And why did St Michael choose to follow God?

One of my friends asked why some people choose evil. As a Christian I could only tell him that they had the free will to do so. I could not answer why they did that choice but only that theyt were allowed to make their own choice. What does theology say?

Your answer is correct.  The Creator gave both Angels and men free-will to choose good or evil.  If one does not have free-will, he is a slave, and his choices do not merit him anything.  One explanation of Lucifer's fall is that God gave the Angels foreknowledge of His intention to create man and his desire that the Angels should assist man in attaining Heaven.  Prideful Lucifer refused to deign to assist man, whereas Michael accepted God's will and replied with the famous retort, "Quis ut Deus?"


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