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Catholics/Catholic views on End Times?


steve wrote at 2009-06-27 14:21:19
now that time has passed and Bush is out of office we see how ridiculous bush derangement syndrome is.  I'm suprised catholics searching for truth could not detect this but I also suspect these voted Obama, who is imo way closer to the deceiver than Bush ever was.  Otherwise we pray and tend to our own house.  Oh, and watch for the mark of the beast, coming to a city near you.

Teresa Lawler wrote at 2010-01-28 19:19:03
Tribulation, killing off the Jews and Christians, Islam believes Jesus was just a prophet and they expect him t return to earth and break the cross and set the world straight to follow Islam. Jesus warned us in Matthew and Revelation, a false prophet would come claiming to be him and not to go after this man. When Israel is attacked and taken over by the gentiles then the great trib begins wrote at 2010-03-20 13:00:34
It is true that the antichrist is here as 1 John 4:3

But I believe that the Catholic church is Mystery Babylon, the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. Referred  to Rev 17

The Bible teaches against Idolatry, unlike the Catholic Church

The word Church is translated called out ones not a building  and or organization the true church of god is the bride of Christ which is the elect of Christ written in the Book of life.

Who are the elect of God? These are they who came out of the Great tribulation. Rev 7:14 The 144000 this number represent all that will be saved not just 144000 this is confirmed by the statement made in Rev 7:9 wich speaks of a great multitude that no man can number. As you can see this does point to some type of rapture.

We are now in the fifth seal where the rest of the servants will be killed for the word of God and the word of God is Jesus. although all will appear before the judgement seat the elect of God the bride of Christ will not suffer at the second death.

I hope this helps you in some way, may the Lord Bless you.


You will see more and more Christians die in the world, after the sixth seal is opened that is when we will see great devastation but all of Gods church we

There is plenty of biblical and historical proof you only need do your homework.  

John wrote at 2016-02-23 21:38:37
The Bible says that Jesus will return within the lifetime of his followers. Apparently, this didn't occur. It won't probably ever happen. People try to make things fit together based on what they, themselves want to happen. Some believe that Christ's return would happen when Israel became a nation. That was in 1948. Religion is like evolution in that scientists say that this "probably" happened,  or it is "believed to have happened". It's all legends and myths that console it's believers.




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