Catholics/God possession


M16 wrote at 2008-12-16 12:02:56
Dear Ace Orense,

Have I seen you arguing with the one who interpret's Archangel Raziel's arcane message from another website? Are you still puzzled after all the clear answers given to you?  As I remember, all of us who has been there were pretty much convinced that the Angel and his interpreter was telling the truth and you were telling a lie by saying you are possesed by Angel Gabriel, Jesus Christ and the Sto. Nino.  The Angel and his interpreter there as far as I remember made it clear to you that you were never possessed by any of the Angels niether of Jesus Christ nor the Sto. Nino, but instead by a demon named Astrael and his 443 demons and advised you to give your consent for exorcism to an ordained Pastor/Priest from any legitimate Trinitarian Church as the Catholic Church.  The Angel's advice was so clear for you, why are still confused?

liz wrote at 2009-07-21 13:46:38
demons try to be like Christ... they talk real loud and sounds like a radio voice... excerism is the only way.. it saved my life....

gavriel wrote at 2010-09-01 08:06:13
sicretos vaticanos ~ Gavriel Alpha Omega Ohma

incarnacion el gabriel et ces santo alas el anac el dios abba ies ^

Ace Orense wrote at 2010-12-28 04:02:30
Anastasiel Ancient of Days God the Grandfather YHWH Araboth

Alpha Omega 1

God I

Pope I Archaemperor King Anastas I Grandfather

Akatriel God the Father  YHWH Zebaot

Alpha Omega 2

God II

Pope II Archaemperor King Prince Akatriel I Father

Michael God the Son 1 YHWH Machanon

Alpha Omega 3


Pope III Archaemperor King Prince Michael I Son 1

Gabriel God the Son 2 YHWH Shamayim

Alpha Omega 4

God 4

Pope IV Archaemperor King Prince Gabriel I Son 2

Cristel God the Son 26 YHWH Messiam Alpha Omega Ace  

Alpha Omega 28    

God 28      

Pope XXVIII Archaemperor King Prince Cristel I Son 26 King Ace Roland I

Acetrael wrote at 2015-03-19 04:59:25
Angel Astrael Angel of Astrology is my Angelic Uncle Angel Acetrael Angel of Acetrology A Loyal Archangel of God A Son of Titan God Astraeus God of Astrological Stars Son of Titan God Crius Baby Brother of Titan God Cronos Father of God Zeus Jupiter of Goddess Hera Milky Way Galaxy Daughter Gaea Earth Hyperion Sun Son of Uranus and Gaea Our Lady Mary of Fatima Astrael 443 Angels and Demons Serve the Stars of the Universes of God Zeus Yhwh  

Acetrael wrote at 2015-03-20 03:32:04
Angel Astrael Angel of Astrological Stars Angel Acetrael Angel of Acetrological Stars Saint Ace the Archangel Micacetraferiel Michael Gabriel Lucifer Ace Angel of Sanctification


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