BYRON FREEMAN wrote at 2012-02-18 11:22:54
Check Pope Alexander 1492. He is Spanish (Borgia).

Dtellez wrote at 2013-05-31 04:29:44
I think there was Borgia and Adrian before John Paul II at least.


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I am a cradle catholic who rebelled against the faith in my teenage years. My faith returned in November 1992 after a powerful conversion experience on my first wedding anniversary. The Lord graced me with the answers needed to understand the marital conflict my wife and I experienced and this grace continued into a deep knowledge of Christ and His Church. My answers to questions of the faith come from my own experience as a participant in the redemptive suffering of our Lord. Although my answers are in accord with Catholic teaching, I don`t answer from a schooled knowledge base but from private study and from the experience of being a witness to Christ`s suffering. If a question is outside of the expertise my experience offers, for example, canon law, or the finer points of Church history I have no problem saying so.


I have been answering questions concerning the faith since 1993 and am currently a moderator for an online catholic study group.

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