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Catholics/Seventh-Day Adventist beliefs versus Catholic beliefs:


moody wrote at 2007-06-27 20:38:45
The SDA believe abortion is murder, however you do have a choice to make, just as you would in anything else

Thomas wrote at 2007-07-03 17:14:02
Hi Moody, a choice to make? In my church we do not have the option to commit murder. Sorry for you church.

mike wrote at 2008-06-01 18:26:21
99% of 7th day adventists do not condone abortion and they do not believe the pope is the antichrist,it is the system itself ,not one human being.

Bob wrote at 2008-09-24 00:58:25
No true church of Christ would view the Pope as the anti-Christ. Jews recognize Saturday as the Sabbath, and they killed Christ. If hell is not eternal, then what is the point to any of this? SDA? Catholic? Not matter, huh? Why not got to the Church of Barney the Dinosaur? No matter, hell's not eternal? Why is the SDA church so hung up on judging other Christian religions? It's just so very, very sad, and it's not what Christ intended.

Tom wrote at 2008-09-25 16:22:24
Right on Bob! You got it right. The SDA church is anti-catholic from it's beginnings until the present day. They don't think about what they believe. They just accept it if their false prophetess Ellen White said it.

ivan wrote at 2009-01-30 03:49:42
im an SDA, and SDA church does not teach that Jesus is the arch angel, i haven't even heard of that in my church.

Joe wrote at 2009-02-01 20:44:41
Ivan is partially right. The SDA church does not teach that Michael and Jesus are the same now but they used to teach it, and some SDAs still hold to the old belief. It's not surprising that Ivan never heard of the belief because the SDA church does hide a number of their strange unbiblical beliefs from its new members.

Deborah wrote at 2009-03-09 22:10:06
Number nine is False.In reality Adventists teach that abortion is murder and the only way it is morally justified is when if the baby is born it will kill the mother.

Betty wrote at 2009-03-12 04:15:30
I would like to correct some of your false impressions of the SDA church.

Moody- You're absolutely right.SDAs believe that abortion is murder but the Adventist church can not force you to keep the baby.

Thomas- I'm sorry that your church does not give you a choice in your life.

Bob- Adventists don't believe that the pope is the anti-Christ, the devil is. The Jews did not kill Jesus the religious leaders were blinded by the devil and they killed Him. No hell is not eternal what sort of loving God would condemn people to live in eternal suffering. The SDA church is not "hung up" on judging other churches. Like All other churches we believe that we are the correct church, but so do the Catholics does that make them judgmental? No.

Tom- The SDAs are not anti-catholic. we do thnk about everything we believe. You can find all of our beliefs in the bible. Everything that Ellen White preached can be verified by the Holy Bible.

Ivan- You're correct.

Joe- Everything that Adventists believe they have derived from the bible. Where as the Catholics acknowledge that they changed the day of worship. Adventists don't have strange beliefs that they "hide" from new members. I have been an Adventist for all my life.

Deborah- I agree, I have always heard that abortion was murder and that life begins at conception.

Michael wrote at 2009-03-14 15:49:58
Betty, you are the one who has misconceptions on the Bible. Don't you observe the obsolete Jewish sabbath (see Heb. 8:13 & Col. 2:16-17)? The shadow of the 7th day sabbath is useless now that the reality Jesus has come, why doesn't the SDA Church teach that? Is it because the false prophet Ellen White taught them to keep the Jewish sabbath as if it were still valid? The SDA Church doesn't teach the Bible just their prophet's foolish interpretation of it. Where is the Investigative Judgment in the Bible? No where. No Christian church ever believed such anti-gospel nonsense. Wake up and believe the Bible not the false prophet and her false church.

Dr. Bruce wrote at 2010-01-13 01:56:41
I saw this answer and thought I'd respond.  I am a SDA physician from West Virginia.  I'll respond to each of the points. These are not official positions of the church as I am not a church official - these are standard SDA positions from my point of view.   

1.  The Sabbath predates the old covenant as it was an institution given before sin at the Earths creation.  

2.  People are saved by Faith - faith in God's love for you as manifested by Jesus death paying the price for your sins.  Your faith is manifested by good works - Loving God enough to obey him and loving your fellow man. There will be many who will be saved that don't keep the Sabbath, but if we love Him we do keep His commandments.  

3. Jesus sacrifice was complete at the Cross, He is applying His sacrifice in our behalf now in the Heavenly Sanctuary.  

4. I agree  

5. SDA's through accepting biblical health principles live 7 years longer than average.  God's laws are for our benefit.  

6.  I agree  

7.  The results are eternal, eternal life or eternal death. We do not believe God tortures the guilty throughout eternity, and we don't believe that beyond this life we are given a second chance.

8.  The SDA church has no official position on abortion that I am aware of.  

9.  I agree  

10. I agree

jenny wrote at 2010-03-17 19:37:11
I disagree with your statement that adventists don't believe that Jesus completed the atonement on the cross.  I think they do, and I know I do.  You forgot to mention also that the Catholic church changed the ten commandments in their bible.  The fourth commandment became the third commandment so they could change the true sabbath.  Perhaps your readers should read Rev 18.  Although this relates to the book of revelation, it is perhaps a warning to us that god does not like his word tampered with.  The Catholic church freely admit they did this and that they had the power to do so.  There is nothing in the bible that allows for this change and they certainly didn,t get their power from god to change his eternal commandments.  Some of the early christians in the NT met on a Sunday but this was not regular and no change to the sabbath was included in the NT.  Jesus did not instruct any change to the sabbath in the NT and in fact he observed the sabbath.  Now the Pope endorses evolution - good gracious, what next.  I believe this to be blasphemy.

Dante johnson wrote at 2010-06-24 00:26:03
Nowhere do adventists teach half the things you claim. Instead of taking the time to know the answers you make up lies. I can let you know which things you lied about if you want.

Sergio wrote at 2010-12-25 01:49:48
People please understand that the Adventist do no keep the Sabbath to be saved!!!!!!!  We are saved by faith and faith only.  But that does not mean that we can do whatever we went just because we believe.  James 2:17 faith without works is dead!!  Jesus said if you love me keep my commandments.  The Sabbath is part of the ten commandments and if anyone does not agree with that look at exodus 20:8.  

Us Adventist keep the Sabbath to obey God because we love him.  The Sabbath starts in creation Genesis 2:1-3.  Adam and Eve were not Jewish, and many argue that the Sabbath was just for the Jews.   

Before you come to a conclusion you have to see what the church really teaches and what the Bible says overall.  You have to be very careful with making a doctrine out of one simple verse!


If anyone has any questions about the Adventist church I Will be more than happy to answer you questions so please dont hesitate to email me.  

ayeh wrote at 2011-04-30 01:07:15
all of you have good idea. try to read ezek 20;18-20. if you want to save follow jesus.

dale wrote at 2013-08-12 15:08:59
sal I am going to have to say that you are very incorrect on a few points on your assumptions on the seventh day Adventist teachings, for one, the atoning sacrifice is one thing and judgement is another, Christ paid the penalty for sin for all mankind to be saved if they so choose to be. we are saved by grace but judged by our actions, because our actions will show whether we love God or not, also the Sabbath is the bible Sabbath, there is not one iota of scripture to support any change to sunday, this is what revelation 11:17 says about the remnant church, 17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. revelation 19:10 explains what the testimony of Jesus Christ is, And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Revelation 19:9-11, there was no change to the dietary restrictions, the dream that peter had about eating anything, read the whole chaper and you will see that he wasn't instructed to eat everything, it was give to him so that he would realize that he was to give the gospel to the romans who were going to visit him, which Jews did not associate with at the time. In regards to hell, read what revelation says about hellfire and the resurrection, it is in complete contradiction with the catholic teachings meaning that they are going against the bible teachings,I challenge you to read what the bible says for yourself and see in the catholic doctrine is in agreement with it. a king James version bible, I know the catholics is made to support their version of the 10 commandments and leaves out the one about idolatry. also show me anywhere in the bible that says that Christ has a vicar.


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