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Rev Carlos Wilton wrote at 2006-07-14 16:02:13
Speaking as a Protestant, I question whether you have the ability to answer as an "expert" on Protestantism.

You write, "Protestantism was created in the 1500's by several men who denied the Sacraments and edited the Bible."

Martin Luther and John Calvin hardly "denied the Sacraments."  The Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper (the Eucharist) are central to Protestant worship.  Recognizing that the number of sacraments has changed throughout Christian history (in the middle ages, Peter Lombard mentions 15 sacraments, including footwashing), Luther and Calvin simply applied a different definition, based on Biblical sources: that a sacrament is a rite Jesus explicitly commands his disciples to continue.  There is scant biblical evidence for any sacrament other than these two.

"Basically it comes down to their teaching of 'sola scriptura' which means 'personal interpretation of the Bible.'"  This is a blatant mistranslation of the Latin.  The phrase means "scripture alone."

"They believed any person, can interpret the Bible."  Well, yes, anyone can read the Bible, and - with proper instruction from someone versed in the biblical sources (and, ideally, also in the original Hebrew and Greek) - can come to understand it.   This is why the Protestant Reformers translated the Bible from Latin (note: the Roman Catholic Church of their era had all but abandoned the original Hebrew and Greek) into the common language of the people.  During the "bad old days" of the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church persecuted, even burned at the stake, those who dared translate the Bible from Latin, which only the priests could understand, into the common tongue.  The post-Vatican 2 Roman Catholic church has a very different view today, and indeed, even approves vernacular translations like the Jerusalem Bible.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the current position of the Vatican is that it's a very good thing for ordinary Catholics to learn how properly to interpret the Bible.

"In protestantism, the Blessed Sacrament is only symbolic while in Catholicism, we believe in the Real Presence of Christ in Holy Communion."

This is absolutely incorrect.  Both Luther and Calvin have a doctrine of Real Presence in the Eucharist.  They just understand Real Presence differently, as not being based on the medieval doctrine of transubstantiation.

"Most protestant churches don't even celebrate Mass but only have a homily, but Catholicism continues to celebrate Mass just as our Lord taught at the Last Supper." We Protestants also believe that, when we celebrate communion, we are following our Lord's instruction to do so.  Nowhere in scripture does Jesus say how often communion must be celebrated - you're incorrect in saying that weekly celebration is "just as our Lord taught."  He didn't say how often we should celebrate it.

It is often a useful teaching tool to define our own tradition as over against others, but it is not very useful to do so by misrepresenting the other tradition.  I would appreciate it if you would consider revising what you have written.  Thank you.  

KingBo wrote at 2012-11-14 18:14:56
This is a very biased account with faulty information. Check your own facts and history before you attempt to educate another.


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Convert to Catholicism from Protestantism at age of 16. Have monastic and apologetic experience. Will answer questions in accord with Church teaching and give references to back up my answers.


Became Catholic at 16 yrs old (thus leaving my protestant church). Have monastic and apologetic experience. Will answer questions in accord with Church teaching and give references to back up my answers.

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