J. In Hoc Signo Vincis! wrote at 2013-03-24 21:27:18
I hope to be able to help the young man with this piece of advise: "Ut mentes tua ad caelestia desideria erigas!" = may our thoughts be raised up towards heavenly desires (desires of Heaven and of heavenly things). I am also fighting the good fight, that is why I entered this forum in order to seek for advise. I can say, for that matter, after quite a few years of ignominious loses, because of my own fault, I finally found pious people (priests and consecrated young people) who daily pray for others before the Blessed Sacrament in a wonderful basilica dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary to pray for my miserable soul. I begged one of the brothers, in a discrete way, to help me with prayers, because I was far away from God. Like St. Augustin I found myself in an infectious pit of spiritual slime, wallowing in the mud of moral filth and sinking to hell. I was drowning and felt it in my own my body and soul. I was so desperate, thus I decided to do like the humble Indians in South America do, that is, going to a statue of the Blessed Mother, the most pure and chaste virgin, grabbing her mantle and crying up to Her, "little mother I beseech you to help me" (Madrecita te suplico me ayudes!), weeping bitterly. She did listen to the brethren's prayers and to my poor ones: it´s  been a couple of months since I do not desecrate this sacred Temple of the Holy Ghost and hope never ever to do it again! Nowadays I think of my body and that of the others more in terms of being sacred temples of the Divine Holy Ghost, and this thought alone does help a lot. Would you honestly enter the house of someone you love or the Temple of the Hoy Ghost and desecrate it? That is what our teachers at school taught us to do, woe to them who teach the little ones to incur into such a madness!!! When you disrespect yourself, then you will start disrespecting others and taking advantage of them -- there is no way you will love others in an unselfish way! When lying in bed, the thought of feeling like a little child who is being watched over by his most tender and pure mother who wants to protect him from any harm and evil is spiritually wholesome. I recommend you to say in bed: Oh Jesus and Mary true lovers of my soul and my whole being I love you, please do help me to do the right thing. Although loathsome thoughts will come to haunt you and you will feel disgusting urges violently soliciting you to profane the Temple of the Holy Ghost, the consideration of being loved by God and the best of all mothers as their tender child, fills with great consolation and provides the strength to continue on. Young man, believe me! when you invoke the Blood of Jesus and the tears of Mary to wash your sins off, they do listen, specially when you ask other people who are closer to God to do it for you, like I did. Your resolution is very good, and by doing so you become a role-model for the poor young ones. Praying the Holy Rosary and the short office to the Blessed Virgin, if your time allows it, gives strength to practice purity, as well, because in the prayers´ texts there are plenty of praises to the merits of being chaste and pure. Going to Adoration and often receiving Holy Communion is the greatest of all aids, I find. Offering the sufferings this fight entails for the conversion of sinners like oneself makes you think that your fight has a great purpose and that in a way God draws something good for others out of an evil one did. If you thought you were spotless and holy, you would not be praying for yourself nor for the others. You would be up on your pedestal hoping others would admire your virtues. When we think of the others with deep Christian love and charity and help them come closer to God, this makes us think less about our personal gratification. I will pray for you and ask the brethren to do so. May God and the best of all mothers bless, help and protect your Temple of the Holy Ghost, your good heart and your moral integrity that dwell inside. I also recommend you reciting Psalms 50 and 119. In Jesus and Mary, J. In Hoc Signo Vincis.  


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