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Lindsey wrote at 2012-11-09 19:11:08
"Congratulations on returning to the True Church of Jesus Christ."

That is exactly why people "who may believe in God but still decide to reject Him" reject Him.  Maybe said people are not rejecting God, but rather religion.  There is a great difference between faith and religion.  Faith is a belief in the unprovable.  Religion is a dogmatic system designed to control the actions of man.  

Your "true Church of Christ" comment speaks volumes about you.  While you claim to be pious and humble you not-so-secretly harbour a resentment of all who don't share your religious views.  

Here's an example from my life: I grew up in a non-catholic church, and it's exactly the kind of statement you made in your opening comment that drove me so far from religion I will never come back.  Except my church could not understand how God could love Catholics since they worshiped a false god (the Holy Mother).  Later in my life this came up again when I enrolled my daughter in a Catholic private school.  We were having dinner one night with my father and my daughter spoke about Catholic beliefs and crossed herself.  My father tore into her (a twelve year old girl) with a ferocity that startled me.  I had to step in and calm the situation.  I lost much of the respect I had for my father that day and it has not returned.


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