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I have recently got a stray kitten he was born in a shed and was not handled much by humans,  he is fine at my house but whenever i move into one room he runs away to another room or hides, i can only get near him to feed him some ham out of my hand and even then he hisses is there anything i can do to get him less scared of me.

Thanks Jen

you've hit the nail on the head when you said that he was not handled much as a young kitten. This is a very important stage in a kittens early learning and without it you basically have a cat with a feral temperament. However, it can be  overcome especially as he is still so young. My sister rescued a feral cat and he became a lovely pet, although a little skittish at times.

Basically it will a slow process of your kitten learning to trust you and to feel confident around you. It will take time as he has no experience of humans and no other cat to show him the way (which is usually what the mother cat does).
See my page below for ideas on how to over come his scaredness. Remember be patient, calm and persistent and he will eventually come around.



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