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I have a female Siamese cat that now 15 years old. In the last 5-6 years she's had asthma but otherwise very healthy. About three months ago she started losing weight and not being very active. In the last two weeks she has been eating less and getting weaker. She hardly comes upstairs now and is sleeping all the time. She used to jump on her favorite chair to sleep but now just goes to lay down in a dark corner in the basement. When she walks her back end seem to fall over sometimes. Should I have her put down or just leave her be. She doesn't seem to be in any pain.

Hi Janet
my advice would be that as long as your cat is able to eat and use the litter tray regularly and also does not show any signs of pain then she should be allowed to continue as she is and just live as a old cat.
Generally the signs she is showing are just of old age and are completely normal. The only time to take her to the vets is if you suspect that she is not well or in pain. My cat too is now 14 and is slowing down and looking her age now but in good health.  
I hope this helps a little

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