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Cats/2 questions about my kitty!


hi, my name is Nicole and I'm 13. i have a orange tabby named dizzy, were guessing hes about 7 or so months old. I've got 2 questions about him.
1) i need some advise on training him, i want him to learn tricks. :) he seems like he would do very good based on his personality. so i would just like some tips maybe and maybe if you know some tricks i could teach him. I'm looking more for unusual tricks, but basics are good too, i just found a lot on line though. maybe or maybe not you could help me here.
2) this one is very important, my kitty recently started peeing on my bed, sometimes even if the litter box is spick-and-span! i have to know how to get him out of the habit of going to my bed as a litter box because its gross and its smelly and i hate washing my blankets and sheets every day!! i love my kitty and i don't want to make him mad at me or not trusting in me by rubbing his nose in it or spraying him with water, but i guess if thats the only way..i guess i have to.
thanks, and sorry to bother you. :]
happy holidays!

i can not answer your first question about training a cat to do tricks as this not something i have experience in.

Regarding the urinating on the bed, you must remember that she is not being bad when she does this, she is reacting to something else. Rubbing acts nose in it or spraying them will not teach them anything, they are not like humans and will not understand why you are doing that.
There are many reasons why a cat may start to urinate in the home and it is very difficult for me to go through them all with you, so my best advice is for you to look at my website pages (link below) which will tell you about this problem and how you can help your cat feel more secure so that they will stop the behavior. read all the pages as it will help you to understand how and why a cat behaves in a certain way.



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