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we just got our male kitten and we think our other male cat is being to rough with him...... I'm not to sure? at first our older male would just hiss and growl and keep his distance but now he tries and bites his neck and sometimes he pounces on him and gets a hold of his neck> The kitten cries out but i don't know if this is normal and i don't wanna have to give up the kitten cuz he is awesome. pls help me i need advice

this sounds like normal cat territory aggression. Your first male cat is trying to intimidate your new male cat to say "I'm boss, this is my home, you either leave or do what i say". Hopefully what will happen is the two cats will come to a sort of agreement where one cat is boss etc. This is normal behavior but can be quite aggressive, you will have to keep an eye on them for a while. Unfortunately their isn't much you can do apart from making sure that both cats receive the same amount of attention and that they both have their own separate beds and toys, litter tray etc. See my page (link at bottom)about aggressive cat behavior.



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