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Here are the facts:

I have a 7 y/o cat who weighs 17 lbs.
I have a 2 y/o cat who weighs 13 lbs.

Eight months ago I had to move into a fourth floor apt and they are no longer able to go outside. They've become bored and lazy (like their owner). Before we moved they were 12 and 10 lbs respectively. I am having a really hard time getting them to play as they hate it here and are depressed. I know what can happen to overweight cats and it would kill me if they got sick and I knew I did it to them.
I currently feed them Purina Cat Chow for Indoor cats. I'm on a VERY tight budget. I offer them plenty of clean water at ALL times.
Can you tell me how much, and when I should feed them (I'm able to feed them separately, as the 7 y/o is a HOG)  Also... the 2 y/o has vomiting issues w/ hairballs and I often have to give her the hairball remedy in a tube. Please help with any advice you can offer.

Worried Kitty Mom In CT

well the main problem sounds like lack of activity. As with us humans just dieting or eating less does not make us healthy or even lose weight (as my sister has found out).
Regarding what and how often you should feed them i recommend that you take a look at my cat nutrition pages here /cat-food.html it will give you a over all picture of what and how much cat food you should feed them. their are even some products available that are less calorific (designed for the less active cat).
However ideally you need to get them more active. Perhaps hide a kibble piece inside something so that they have to work to get it out or provide them with climbing and scratching posts for exercise. Also i know some cats are lazy but be persistent with your games with them, it really is the best answer for a healthy cat.
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