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I live with a balcony.  My female maine coon cat has lived in this apartment her whole life 4 years.  My friend goes out of town a lot has a male persian cat whom I've brought over since mine was a kitten. They play with each other when he comes here to stay.  I have had my friends male cat for 3 weeks now (I have had him here for long periods of time in the past too).  for the past week they seemed distant with each other as if they were over each other or something.. they weren't sleeping together where they usually did. when the male cat would become more aggressive for my attention, I would pet him. I never saw them fight ever. Anyway, the male cat never attempted to cuddle with me and always knew that I was the female's mommy.  Sunday am i found my cat floating dead in the swimming pool below. there was blood where she landed and blood paw prints to the pool. That night the the male cat cuddled with me and has been super affectionate. Is it possible that the male cat had something to do w/ her fall?

i am sorry to hear of your loss and in such a tragic way.

The biggest mistake people make about their pets especially cats is that they don't think like us, behave like us and are driven by different instincts. So when something like this happens we apply our own human behaviors to try and work out how and way something like this has happened. All i can say is that i do not believe the male cat had anything to do with it. It was just a tragic accident. Even though your female cat was used to the balcony, it only takes one slip.
I hope you are able to come to terms with your loss and do not worry about the male cat.

Best wishes


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