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Hi. I have a cat that has gone into heat. I have scheduled a spay surgery but it it's two weeks away, the vet didn't have anything sooner. She howls day and night preventing me from sleeping much. Is there any way I can soothe or comfort her until she gets the surgery. I tried locking her in another room to muffle her howls, but my other cat just calls for her nor did it help with the other's howling. She also seems to want ALOT of attention from my boyfriend, her favorite human. What can I do to make it easy for my cat and myself?

so sorry i haven't really come across anything that can actually stop a cat from yowling. Does she like catnip? If she does it may help to sooth her and quiet her down at night, Also about an hour before bedtime give her a good game of run a round with you to try an wear her out a little as this may help her to settle as well (our cat has to have this every night otherwise shes up and about all night.
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