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My very affectionate 8 month old cat seems to be getting attacked by invisible creatures. She'll be lying on the floor and then starts shuffling around as though she's uncomfortable. Her tail will start twitching and occasionally thump the ground. The hair on her mid and lower back will start twitching. Then she'll start a soft but audible grumble of discontent (while looking in the direction of her own hind-end)...then it becomes a bit of growl, quite often followed by a hiss, then more grumbling and growling. Occasionally she’ll take her tail between herfront paws and “nibble” a little on her tail. We though it might be fleas. We tried over-the-counter flea meds, including a flea collar. It didn’t seem to change anything. We took her to the vet and he decided to "expressed" her anal glands...but she was back to growling at herself that same day. We have no other pets in the house, she’d had no “trauma”, her limited exposure to the outdoors happened only occasionally during the warm summer. She's been doing this for about 2 months now (started in November) after she joined us outside while raking leaves. She does seem to puke up the contents of her stomach about once a week, so she's now on her 3rd brand of kitten food. She seems to me to have put on weight rather quickly for a kitten even though she is very playful and active. Any idea what’s going on? Thanks, Lauren

her symptoms sound very similar to ones that our cat had a few years back. When we took her to the vets they told us she had an allergy. They thought that she had been bitten by something that she was allergic too. She didn't have fleas but could have had the odd ones jump on her when she went outside. Anyway the vet gave her an injection and we made sure that we treated her every month with a flea repellent. She was fine after that. All i can suggest is that you return to the vet ASAP, i don't like the sound of her fast weight gain, could it be worms? What ever it is the vet is really the only answer. She is obviously distressed by something.



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