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Oh dear what a day!!!!
I had the screen door open today as it was a beautiful day.  My cat got her claws cought in the screen.  They were stuck and she did not know how to undo them.  I felt soo sorry and approached her and she started hissing at me.  I did not know what to do.  Then I went around to the front and un did her claws.  What do I do in the future if this happens again?

oh dear poor kitty. My cat gets her claws caught in the carpet when they get to long and we just calmly but firmly and quickly grab her paw and lift it out, but it sound's as if your cat got frightened and hissed at you. My best advice is to make sure that you clip the top of her claws regularly so they aren't so sharp, this usually stops them getting stuck in the first place. It is quite simple to do but does take some practice. See my link regarding clipping claws at the bottom of this page.
Please do not consider having them declawed, I'm sure you wouldn't as you know how cruel it is. i have just had to answer someone who has had declawed their cat and i had to be so careful that i didn't have a go at them, it makes me so mad.
Anyway I'm sure things will be ok in the future if you keep their claws groomed regularly.
best wishes


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