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I have two Maine coon kittens. One female, about 4 months old, and a male, about 9 months old, both are not spayed.  When should I expect the female to go into heat?  Will the make start acting differently towards her now?  He is all of the sudden "pinning" her down and bitting her back.  Is there a reason for any of this or is he just playing?  He also goes after my mothers two female cats, both of which are spayed.  He doesn't want to hurt them though. Please help me!!

both your kittens are now at sexual maturity and can now mate. Normally it recommended that you have kittens spayed at around 4 - 6 months your your male cat is definitely showing signs of mating behavior. If you do not want to risk your female cat getting pregnant i would say that you should have them both spayed as soon as possible.



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