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HI, and thanks in advance for any input you may offer!. I just moved into my new apt. My grandmother begged me to take her 8month old cat because it runs around all night and wont let her sleep. The cat is an all grey Tabby born on 4/1/2007. After bringing the cat over to my house, it immedetely ran under the bed. It stayed there for hours until night came (round 11PM) and came out and very cautiously sniffed around the house and retired back under the bed. The next day, the EXACT same thing happened. All day under the bedm and around 11PM it came out and sniffed the exact same items in the EXACT same cautious way. The third day was EXACTLY the same too...does this cat have amnesia?? Just Kidding...when i say cautious, i mean it walks very slow, and not upright, kind of half upright and half laying down...I constantly lay down on the floor next to the bed and give it praise and treats but it refuses to come out until night. This happened for 4-5 days in a row and yesterday was the 6th. If i try to pick it up, it doesnt run away, because i think its too scared to run away. Ill put it on the couch and pet it (not in any sensitive areas) and then i will stop and watch will jump off the couch, turn around and HISS at me and tehn run away...It uses the litter box 100% and eats its food and water...

My question...what do i need to do to make the cat feel more comfortable and not so skitzy...i would love for it to come out from under the bed and just wander around its home...and not HISS at me for gently giving it affection...


some cats take longer than others to adjust to new people and surroundings and this could go on for a while. It does sound like you are trying your best to make him feel comfortable and that is really the best thing to keep on doing. I have placed a link to a page i have written about bonding with a cat, it may give you some ideas.
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