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Our cat has recently demonstrated a significant change in behaviour which we believe might be due to a 'run-in' with a fox we often see in our area(I have actually chased it from our garden on one occasion). We have taken him to the vet who has confirmed no physical damage. The problem is that he is very very reluctant to go out side. To the degree he is often found hiding upstairs and will do his toilet in the house raher than go out (we have put a litter tray down for him but he doesnt use it). This has been the case for about 4 weeks now depsite us coaxing him to the garden and staying there with him. he is clearly stressed and not his usual happy self.

poor little cat he certainly sounds like he has had a bit of a scare. His behavior does sound like that something has happened that has shaken his confidence. A similar thing happened to my cat a few years ago, she just didn't want to go out any more, however over time and with us taking her outside and sitting with her for a while she soon gained her confidence again.
In the meantime you could try and confine your cat to a separate room for a couple of days with their litter tray, toys, bed and water. Make sure you go in their to play and make a fuss and only let them out to feed. this helps them to feel more secure in a smaller environment first before they have to face the larger outside world.
Normally cats will and can get over this sort of fright but it just does take some time.

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