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Cats/my cat is do any day and i think she is haveing them


how do i no when she is about to have the baby cats

As the birth draws near, the queen will start to look for a place to have her kittens. She will probably want to choose a quiet secluded familiar place that is warm and secure. As an owner you can help choose this place by placing a cardboard box lined with newspaper in a quiet warm room. Food, water and a litter tray should also be placed near by to encourage your queen to make this her birthing box.

One of the first signs that your cat is preparing to give birth is that her appetite will decrease and she will either begin to want to be on her own more than usual or she may seek out human affection to help reassure her. Also her mammary glands will become very swollen and may start to produce milk a few days before the actual birth.

Don't worry too much most cats can give birth on their own quite easily, just let her do her own thing and I'm sure everything will be ok. See my page about cat pregnancy here /cat-in-heat.html
for information.

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