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For the last week my cat has a lack of appetite and we can’t figure out what’s wrong.
-   Her appearance is the same, she’s not bloated
-   15 yrs old, and has always been fed the Fancy Feast product line (one can each morning and the dry kibble bowl topped off – she’s never “over-eaten” and we can leave the food out all day)
-   At the most all she’s eaten lately has been maybe 5-10% of the canned food and a little bit of kibble.  We open a new can and make sure it’s a different flavour each day but nothing is enticing her.
-   Not even a piece of roast beef or turkey cold cuts from the dinner table have enticed her to eat.
-   She still urinates in the litter box but not passing any stools (because of the lack of eating solid food lately?)
-   I see her drinking but she’s become obsessed lately with the toilet bowl.  When you’re in the bathroom she wants to jump up on the seat and stick her head in the toilet bowl (I move her off before she tries to drink the water)
-   She sits in front of her food, meows and stares at it trying to tell us there’s something wrong.  After 15 years has she decided that she doesn’t like Fancy Feast products any more?
-   Although not an active cat (running around the house) she seems to be the same physically.

What can the problem be?  Will she get over what is bothering her and go back to normal?

This is a difficult one for me to diagnose as it could be that something physical is wrong with her and it may be an idea to get her checked out by the vet just in case. However it is not uncommon for a cat to go off its food from time to time as they have an in built system where they like to vary their food. It stems from the wild where it would be dangerous for them to rely on only one food source. I have placed a link at the bottom of the page to my page about eating problems for your info.
I hope this helps.



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