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Cats/cat is pooping on floor


Hi... Once in a while my cat poops in my daughter's room or in front of bathroom door or on the bathroom floor.  Her litter box is downstairs (very easy to get to) in the laundry room.  Can you tell me why she does that and what we can do to make her stop.  Its happening more often lately (like once a week now).

Thank you.

when a cat poops in inappropriate places it is called Middening and is another form of communication like spraying but is only used when the cat feels particularly insecure and is trying to mark her territory. Try moving her litter tray to somewhere a bit quieter than the laundry room, you never know she may be frightened by the noise of the machines etc. Also i have put my link to a page i have written on my website about Middening, it may give you some other ideas as to the cause of the problem.



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