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Cats/Cat in Labor?


Tammie wrote at 2013-03-23 18:32:43
I have found a pregnant calico kitten and she is also acting like she is in heat. She will stretch all the way out and  also will turn her backside up like she is waiting for a male to mount her. She is very affectionate, but will nibble one and then lick you. I can feel a baby. At times her back muscles will flinch like a contraction. I have a box ready for her but she prefers to lay on the cold tile. When I first brought her home and fed her  her teets got huge and full and now have done gone down but her belly has gotten bigger. I am just keeping and eye on her before making a vet visit. This will be my first time helping a cat give birth, have helped a dog before so this is new to me with their behavior. Wishing u luck with your cat and new kittens.


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