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QUESTION: We adopted a male Siamese/tabby mix two months ago. He's very friendly, loves to play with my sisters dog, not afraid of anything and was instantly comfortable when we brought him home. They said he was around a year in age and he's 10 lbs.  My questions are: He still has 2 teeth coming so perhaps he's younger?  He pretends to spray here and there while he looks at you (he is fixed).  Is that normal?  He is also very energetic, running around the house and we play constantly with him but he seems to get bored. When I get home from work, he practically trips me and is very excited to see me.  Were thinking of adopting another cat for him. Is it better to get another male or female and should the energy level be the same as his?  Thanks!

if he is a very young cat then his energy levels will be high. Also if he is not neutered he will have bags of energy and will spray the house as a territory marker (even if you are looking at him) this is natural behavior and he is not being bad.
Adopting another cat doesn't always work out, it does depend if he was brought up with other animals when he was between 1 and 7 weeks old. these cats will find it much easier to settle down with a new cat. if you do get another cat it is al;ways recommended to get one of the opposite sex as this is less threatening. (but make sure they are both spayed or you could be in for trouble.


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QUESTION: How long does it take for a cats adult teeth to come in and at what age does this happens?

Cats are weaned completely by their mother after about 2 months. Kittens will start to eat solid food after just 32 days. So at this point they have already developed teeth. I am however not aware that they have baby teeth like humans do or not. I don't think it works the same way as cats in the wild would have to kill it's own prey early on and so their teeth have to be pretty tough from the beginning.



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