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Cats/My stud mates with my hands and foot!!


Dear Kate
Well , this is going to be an odd question! briefly speaking , my 10 month old pure pedigree Persian stud is doing some strange actions that I don't know whether or not I should prevent him from that or not .
You see , I bought Napoleon from Ukraine when he was just 40 days old . he is supposed to be used for some reproduction programs as he's really pure and beautiful . he's extremely kind , loving and sociable , but from last few months , he tends to do sort of mating with my hands and feet !
You see , at first it was just fun . we used to laugh at him a lot , but it has gone more and more serious in last few weeks I'm afraid . he only does that with me ( possibly because I'm the one who feeds him and cuddles him the most) .at first he used to do that once in a day or something , but nowadays he tends to do that whenever he finds me ! it starts with purring and pushing my hand , feet or belly ( whatever is available) , and then gradually he starts doing sort of mating. I mean ,it's obvious. he's mating !
since last few days I've got a little bit apprehensive about his this odd manner , as he's supposed to be used for reproduction programs. thus I've started not letting him do so , but he dislikes me preventing him , and he objects when I don't let him do so by meowing .
let me add that he has mated with one queen successfully by far . it was about one month before .however , even after that he still tends to do that odd actions .
I do know that this kind of actions is normal in studs , but This is absolutely important to me to know whether or not I should prevent him or not . see I do not want to face any problem in my breeding programs in future via Napoleon . so , what's your recommendation ? is it necessary to prevent him? can such behavior affect his sexual desires in a bad way ? please help me .
Soheil from Iran .

sounds to me lie a frustrated male cat. These kind of actions are normal for some cats and it should not affect his mating. Any male cat that is not neutered will be looking to mate all the time and sometimes this urge means that they try to mate with anything. I really don't know how you would prevent him doing it as you cannot punish a cat as this is cruel and will net work. All you can do is to move your hand away immediately and walk away from him. Maybe over time he will get the message.



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