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I have 3 cats, all female,2 tabbys and a black and white.Ever since i brought the two tabbys home 3 years ago the other cat has been a bag of nerves and avoids the others at all costs. I have to feed her out of the way of the other two, sometimes in another room , sometimes on the bathroom roof. Lately, she  asks to be fed, i put her food down and she leaves it or runs away. I,m fed up with wasting food on her if she won,t eat it, yet i dont want her to starve, she needs a cat psychiatrist because i think she has lost the plot.

since it has been so long since you first brought home the two tabbys i would suspect that your female cat will never feel comfortable around them. Some cats are just naturally more nervous than others, there isn't much we can do apart from trying to make them feel more secure as you are doing by feeding her separately. perhaps you could feed her in a confined room that she cannot get out of and the other cats cannot get into. this may help her to feel that she can relax and eat her food. Make sure the room has her bed etc in it so that it smells of her.

Apart from that i am afraid there isn't much i can suggest, apart from perhaps finding her a new home where she will be the only cat, but that is a big decision which you must only undertake if you feel it is the right thing to do for her and you.
Good Luck and wishing you all the best for the new year



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