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Hi.  I have a two year old neutered male.  He's a very friendly and affectionate guy but he can be very troublesome at times.  In the morning and at night he paces around the house chirping continually, paws at all glass surfaces like mad (things like framed prints, mirrors, windows - usually in a standing position and will seek out items on table tops etc. to knock to the ground - he especially loves to do this with plates or his food bowl.  He charges his water bowl and knocks it flying.  He has discovered how to open the bread box and will remove the contents and knock loaves of bread to the floor.  Sometimes he will carry them around the house, but doesn't eat it.  He is also an insatiable eater at meal times, but is very athletic and playful so does not gain weight.  He has no medical problems I am aware of.  He is an indoor cat but the back yard is "kitty proofed" so we let him and our other cat out to play whenever they want.

His incessant prowling and destructiveness is driving me crazy!  We give him tons of attention when he wants it and leave him be when he doesn't want it.  I wonder if you know what causes this "obsessive-compulsive" type behavior, and if there is anything I can do to calm him down?


sounds like either your cat is bored and is constantly seeking new things to do or he may has an over active thyroid of r similar which is making him over active.

There are two things you can do, either take him to the vets to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing him to be over-active.

Or/and you can provide more things for him to do around the house that will challenge him and that will allow him to carry out all him natural hunting and exploring instincts. I have some web pages with some ideas


best wishes Kate


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