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Hi, i don't know what is wrong with my 12 week old kitten. She has been living in my house for over a week now. She has been lovable, playing, scratching, sleeping, acting like she see's things. Sometimes when she is startled she arches her back and "spazz's out" She is scared of toys and most things. She sleeps on my bed ok, all night. I am litter training her, and she sometimes does her thing in the litter. Has been eating very well. The morning before she became aggressive she was napping on the couch and allowing me to stroke her as normal. My mum came home and picked her up an hour after her nap and she hissed and growled. Ever since, she has been hissing and growling and attacking both me and my mum. She used to meow when she was alone but now she doesn't she just hides. I was playing with her ok, but then all of a sudden she hissed, growled and ran away. My neighbours cat sometimes comes into the house (she has met him before breifly but no problem) he came in today, she didn't see bothered though but i let him out anyway. I would think he is a problem however she hissed at my mum before my neighbours cat came in! Oh please help, i'm so upset that she hates me now. She still follows me but hisses at me when i pick her up..don't get it.

Ok this is going to sound weird. Have you been using perfume or a new hand was etc or has your mum. the reason i ask is that cats are very sensitive to smell and if they smell something that they don;t like they react in fear by being aggressive. I know this because i have a cat who i have had for over 16 years. She NEVER bites or scratches anyone. But i once put on a perfume then went to stroke her and she went for me and she looked so scared. i took the perfume off and she has never done it again.

The things you describes sounds like it is a similar reaction to something that has suddenly upset her and she us reacting.

Try washing your hands in clear water, was anything that may have a scent on it and ask your mum to do the same before she visits again. See if this makes a difference.

best wishes kate


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