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I have a 10 yr. old Maine Coon (sp?) who Hates dogs. He was my husband's cat for 8 yrs, and has lived w/us both, with my own cat ( a tabby named Faba)for the past 2 years. I am about to adopt a new dog, b/c I am a dog person at heart. Benji the MC has a tendency to hunt any and all dogs who come around. He literally comes after them, latches onto their heads and tries to rip their faces off. We have tried to keep them separate, but he still manages to get in. We've never seen any of the dogs chase him or go after him, b/c they are too scared. I've tried to keep him off the dogs, but I end up with pretty bloody hands and that is no good either. How can I bring a new dog home and keep benji from hurting her? He is a very large, very strong cat, who has always lived w/his human until we got together and added another cat to his life. He gets along fine w/Faba now, the other cat, but it took about a year before she accepted him. Please, I'm worried about the cat hurting the dog, not the other way around. I am planning to keep them safely apart for a while, but eventually we'll have to let them occupy the same space. HELP!!~Natalia

my first reaction is to say that if i was you i wouldn't get a dog until your cat passes away as dogs obviously upset him and you have to ask yourself if that's fair.

if you do decide to get a dog there are no guarantees that things will work out but the initial introduction is most important if the animals have any chance of getting along.

i have a page about introducing cats to each other, the process id the same for dogs here

you must take the process slowly calmly and with care. the process should be a good experience for all concerned.

best wishes


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