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Cats/Cat Hates Coming Indoors & Eats His Kitty Litter


Fez was a feral cat that chose to come and live with us about 4 years ago. This caused a period of settling down time whilst our existing rescue home cat, Perry and Fez sorted out their positions. Perry died in March and since then Fez hates coming indoors, he whines, over grooms, eats his kitty litter, sits with his back to us and doesn't want anything to do with us at all. He used to stay in all the time, even though he has always had access via a cat flap in & out, snooze, sleep on beds, laps and was very loving. If I let him out, he disappears, wont come when called, sleeps in everyones garden but ours. If I catch him sun bathing then he delights in strokes & hugs. I have to find him & lock him in at night but this is becoming so stressful and upsetting for both of us. I use Feliaway diffuser (last 3 weeks), I have had his bloods checked for thyroid problems (normal) but no changes in his behaviour. Any suggestions please?

wow this does sound unusual. Cats do grieve for other pets that suddenly dissapear. we don't know if cats understand death but they certainly understand when a companion animal is no longer around. usually though the grieving process only takes a few month o r so, but in this case your cats behaviour has changed significantly.

Now i can't say that it is definitely because he feels that things have changed in the home since the other cat died which is upsetting him. but it could simply be that the other cats scent is still around but he can't see him and this is unsettling him.

You could either try washing and cleaning everything that the other cat may have come into contact with, doors and table legs etc and replacing the scent with this cats by rubbing a clean towel over the cat then rubbing it around the house. this may help him to relax. Also you could confine him to a small room with all his things around him for a week or so, this helps the cat settle back into a smaller environment and feel secure before being allowed to roam further. Or course lots of attention should be given to him during this time, also.

Or you may consider getting him a companion cat, however i will strongly advise that this could make things worse as cats generally are solo animals and are not like dogs who like to live in a pack.

I do hope that things settle down again soon as it must be heart breaking for you

best wishes kate


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