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Cats/Kitty pregnant?? I though but not sure


Kitty, is 16 months old. I thought sometime around Aug. 4th, Kitty could've gotten pregnant. Her nipples are pink and the hair around them are disappearing but they are not swollen. For the past month she is eating TONS and is sleeping alot. I've read alot about how they are very loving but Kitty pretty much wants to be left alone and sometimes will even get very angry if we or the other animals go near her (she will swipe at them).Even when she doesn't mind being pet, she does NOT want her belly touched.  Yesterday I noticed the hair around her bum was wet but haven't noticed anything else. My sister, who was a vet tech, has felt her and feels she is pregnant, but I'm not too sure now. Her belly is very hard and enlarged but the dates are not really adding up. Does any of this sound normal? Do you think it could be a false pregnancy?

Hi doesn't sound like a false pregnancy if her tummy is large and hard and all the signs do add up to her being pregnant. Gestation is normally between 61 and 68 days so she is slightly overdue but then you can't be certain when she may have become pregnant.

As long as your cat is not displaying any symptoms of ill health ie not eating, drinking or going to the bathroom then i would just wait and see what happens. if you are really concerned then a trip to the vets is the only way to get any concrete answers.


best wishes Kate


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