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hi there, really hope you can help. We have two cats year and a half each one boy and one girl and both have been desexed. We live in a large one bedroom apt and the cats stay a lot of their day on the balcony! Our problem is at night if we let the cats in the bedroom they cry to get out or start fighting with each other making it impossible to sleep, so if we leave them outside the bedroom they begin meowing at about five in the morning constantly outside the door and carry on until you feed them at breakfast. My question is how can we stop this behaviour, we feed them in the morning and at night on wet food and also they have biscuits as a snack. Both are vet checked and up to date with their shots, please help its driving us mad through lack of sleep!!!
Many thanks

this is natural behaviour as night time is when cats are naturally more active. This is when they would hunt etc in the wild.

This won't be an easy behaviour to break as they have learnt that by meowing you come and feed them and it will take a while before they learn that this won't happen any more.

I would suggest playing a very energetic game with them about 45 minutes before bedtime. feed them just before bedtime and then place them in a room either together or separately with the door closed and with their bed, toys and litter tray. they will still meow for a while but hopefully the game and the full belly will keep them asleep for longer and when you don't get up to feed them at 5 any more they will learn a new routine and get used to you coming when you naturally get up.

It will take time and patience but is really the only way.

best wishes Kate


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