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I was just reading an explanation of why a cat would defecate outside the  and was wondering if with a senior cat and there has
been a big adjustment in the house.  Someone moving out, me being away alot has caused changes.  My cat up until 2 months
ago, very rarely, if ever messed outside his box.  Now he has just done it with me being here.  I don't see that he has any other
problems.  He pees in his box and i am always making sure that it isn't dirty.  This pooping thing is not fun and i don't know how
to stop it.  He will for a couple of days go back to normal and then you just wake up and he poops right at the foot of the bed.  I
was told that with a disruption that he could be sensitive to what happened in the house.

Can't really afford to do the vet visit.  He eats, drinks water, but has a tendency to stare at things for a while and howls by
himself...Kind of like dimentia for people.

If there is a difference with young cats and separation anxiety, this may be an age thing.

Let me know, i would appreciate it.


i'm not sure if I have understood your question but I will try to answer.

if your cat is old then yes it could be a age problem, just like humans they can suffer from age related illnesses such as dementia and so the pooping could be related to that.

Also though the changes in the house could certainly be making your cat feel unsettled in his home and the pooping is his way of making the home smell more like him which in turn makes him feel more secure in the home. If this is the case then hopefully as things settle down he will stop the pooping.

If you are away a lot then yes this too can be upsetting to your cat and if this will continue you will have to make sure that someone visits your cat very regularly while you are away and also you will need to make the home very interesting for your cat to keep them active and amused while you away.

I have pages here about
senior cats

pooping in the house

keeping indoor cats amused


help to give some more info regarding these
wishes kate


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