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hi my cat is 9 years old and when he was poorly a few months ago he had blood tests to see if he had lymphoma,the results were negative so instead of proceeding with any other tests we just had a prescription for steroids which he had responded to before,a few months later he,s poorly again and showing symptoms of lymphoma,do you think its possible even tho it didnt show up a few months ago?he,s been going in the kitchen away from us which he never did,he,s had a bit of diarrea and has been sick a couple of times,he,s lost weight and has a small lump in his jaw line,previously whenever he,s been ill for some reason his white blood cells have gone from the normal 20 to a couple of hundred,the vets couldnt say why this was,but the steroids have usually worked,im now considering going back and getting more tests done because if it is lymphoma then he needs chemo as soon as poss what do you think i should do?

I am not a vet and cannot even begin to answer what could be wrong with your cat. I can though advise you from a pet owners prospective, although i think you already know what i am going to say.

Your cat is obviously unwell and the only way to really find out what is wrong is to get some blood work done. the last time i took my cat to the vets he gave us the option of doing a blood test just for the thing they thought might be wrong or a full blood test which tests for all sort. Obviously the full test cost more but we felt that it was better to get things sorted out sooner rather than later. Perhaps it is time to ask your vets for the full test so that you know what you are dealing with.
Sorry i couldn't be more precise but i know how hard it is to make these decision when your pet is ill.

Best wishes Kate


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