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QUESTION: hi im unsure of how pregnant my cat is as she is an outside cat.Ive been reading up on pregnancy in cats and im so confused as each site tells you something different.she is huge around the belly she has the pale pink nipples but no milk i have felt her kittens for over a week and she miows all the time ive st up a place to have her kittens in my room where it is quite and she is eating heaps.Im wondering if you can give me your advice about how long she has left i rang my vet and she said it sounded like she was due to give birth in a few days but nearly a week later still no kittens.Im getting very anxious as she is so uncomfortable and cant clean down in her private areas as she is so huge she is so hard and tight as well im worried that she is over she shows no signs in giving birth as this is my 1st time with a pregnant cat i am very scared and worried my vet also told me that if there was no problems that i didnt need to take her in to see them.Look forward to hearing from you soon

It is almost impossible for anyone to say how long she has left without examining her and only a vet would be able to do this.

usually near the end of the pregnancy the cat will either become very very affectionate towards you or will withdraw and hide herself away.

Don't be surprised if your cat chooses not to use your place you have prepared for the birth, cats normally have their own ideas about that sort of thing.

I really wouldn't worry, as long as your cat is still eating ok and going to the loo ok and appears generally Ok then just let nature take it's course. i know it is natural to worry, but in most cases cats can give birth just fine on their own even first time. The only time you may perhaps worry is if she goes into labour and nothing happens, which may mean a kitten is stuck. In which case you can either try and help her or call a vet. But this is rare so please do not worry. Your job will be to just be around for her but not to interfere too much.

I too have a website with some information about cat pregnancy and also kitten care i will give you the links for your information

best wishes Kate

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QUESTION: hi thankyou for your reply i agree that trixie has been affectionate which a few weeks ago she wouldnt have a bar of my husband but now does but she isnt anymore affectionate since then until now that she is closer to her birth she also goes into seclusion for most of the day whether its behnd the couch or under the cot i am still very confused i was hoping that you might of said that she will be giving birth in the next few days also 1 of her nipples has gone too with a slight hole there it is completely clean and not infected other thing we are having with her is that she poos everywhere in the house even though we got her a kitty litter tray.What is the popping noise you can hear from her tummy is it just the kittens moving around in there.thankyou for your reply look forward to hearing from you again

well i would suspect that the popping noise is just tummy girgles or the kittens moving around.

As for the litter tray she may need some time to get used to that and may need a little training see my page here about litter training /cat-litter-box.html

I'm not really sure what more to say as your cat could be just about ready to give birth or it could be another week. the only thing i can suggest is if you are really worried then the best thing to do is to take her to the vet for a check up. they will be able to tell you if all is well or not. yes it will cost a consultation fee but just think of the peace of mind.

I hope you enjoy your new furry family when it arrives.

best wishes


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