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Cats/fleas and injuries due to scratching


I have two cats one a petite female who will be going into her first "heat" within the next month and a stray male orange tabby I saved from the molestaions of the neighbourhood kids. Unfortunately Flea (that's what we named him) had really bad fleas,I've bathed him twice so far and sprayed with flea sray but he still has some of the pests on him. I also bathed and sprayed my female.Due to scratching or our girl beating the daylights out of him he's got a couple of areas where the skin has broken open there is some bleeding and I have cleaned these areas with clean water, while not deep these areas just irritate him to futher scratch them.Poor thing is in some discomfort and should I separate my cats for awhile to let him heal or let him continue to play with her.He's definately not an Alpha Male and allows her to beat on him which further aggrivates his sores....Help?

i don't know your personal situation but the best way to get rid of fleas and to make sure they do not return is to use the flea drops on the back of the neck supplied by the vet. It prevents them from breeding and is very effective long-term. flea powder is just not affective enough as the eggs can remain dormant in the carpets and fur and when they hatch the infestation can restart all over again.

As for keeping your pets apart i would say no this would not be necessary but i would recommend d that the cats are seen and treated by a vet to prevent infection in the wounds. infections are far more expensive to treat.

i would like to say bravo to you for looking after these cats and stopping the abuse. the fury i feel when any creature is tormented by a human upsets me so much that i have to be careful i don't attack the humans sometimes. Anyway well done to you and i wish you every happiness and success with your new cats,

best wishes kate


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