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My oldest male cat started 1st.  He just acts as if something is in his throat and kind of half gags.  He doesn't throw up.  Then my next oldest male started doing it.  Now I notice the youngest & female (about 2month) is doing it.  The youngest was born to a ferral mom and had worms so bad she threw them up.  I have since gotten rid of the worms.. I hope.  Could they still be there and maybe trying to come up?  How easy is it to spread round worms from cat to cat?


yes it is quite easy to spread worms from cat to cat as the eggs can get caught of their fur and that is how they are ingested. if all your cats have the same symptoms it does sound like they all may have a problem.  i have a short page about the different sorts of worms that cats can pick up here /cat-worms.html

It may be an idea to speak to your vet. I know that the flea treatment prescribed by vets that is dabbed on the back of the neck also protects against some worms too. But if the cat already has them then they may need some extra help with them.

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