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There is a stray cat in my neighborhood that I feed everyday.  I have only lived here for a year and was told there was an elderly lady who fed the cat before me, but moved to a nursing home, so I'm not sure how long he has been here.  There are a lot of other cats in the neighborhood that have owners, but he hangs out with them most of the time.  I am going to be moving across town to a house out in the country and I would like to take this cat (Simba) with me.  He would live outside, and I have a shed he can stay in in bad weather.  I have 3 cats who are indoor/outdoor cats.  I'm looking for suggestions on moving Simba so that he doesnt run away looking for his old home.  He isnt feral, because he does come to me and let me pet him, but I dont think he would make a good pet as he is very independent and will attack people if he doesnt want to be bothered, sometimes he is letting me pet him and will suddenly turn on me and scratch me, and then immediately he is sweet again, so I dont know what thats all about.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again.

when you move you will have to find a place to confine your cat to for a week or so that he can transfer his scent and get used to his new surroundings. However there are never any grantees all you can do is make the process as pleasant as possible so that he has little cause to wander off.

don't be surprised if when you do let him out that he goes missing for awhile but if you have given him a good experience in his new home then he should return.

i do have a page about moving home with a cat here for your information

i hope the move goes well for you all

best wishes kate


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