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Cats/possibly rejecting kittens


our cat gave birth to 9 kittens 2 weeks ago.  everything seems to be going ok...the kittens are smaller, but seem to be eating well.  yesterday, momma cat brought one of the smaller ones to our daughters room and hid it under a shelf.  we put it back in the box and all was well.  then last night as i was laying in bed she brought me a different of the smaller ones also.  when she's nursing the kittens, she's not choosy on who nurses and who doesn't..most of the time 2 or 3 are sleeping while the others nurse.  is she rejecting the smaller 2 because of size? their bellies seem to be full, or is she merely asking for help?? too many kittens are leaving her exhausted.  not sure what to do.  should i seperate these 2 smaller ones and try bottle feeding??  i appreciate any advice you can give me!!   chris

9 kittens is a lot and perhaps the mother cat has decided that it is best to concentrate on the bigger ones.

the only thing you can do is make sure the kittens are all eating well and are not being neglected or bullied in any way. obviously if you do think the smaller kittens are being neglected then you will have to take over.

i think monitoring the situation is best at the moment.

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