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Cats/my semi-long haired cat and his matted hair


I am writing today because in the past three months now my cat has been getting matted hair on his stomach and chest.  he is comb every day but the mattes on his stomach is very thick and I cant seem to get it out! I don't want to cut it because he cries and does everything he can to get away.  I don't want to hurt him but it seems to bother him just walking.  He is 18 years old and he is very scared of people and always has been so groomer is out of the question I think.. I am trying to make his life as easy as possible since he is so old now.  Please any help would be so helpful to us...

once fur becomes very matted it is impossible to get out without professional clippers. the skin is very sensitive and it must be painful for your cat to have this matted fur. the only solution is to get a professional groomer or the vet to get rid of the matts the most gentlest way using professional tools then once it is done you can prevent it happening again my brushing those particular areas that are prone to matting every day.

It is kinder to your cat in the long run to get them taken out professionally now as it will cause him less distress now and in the future.

best wishes Kate

here is some information on my website about cat grooming for more info. :)/cat-hair.html


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