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hello. i am encountering problems with one of my kitties. her name is spice, or spicy-gurl. she answers to both. spicy-gurl is about one year of age and is a female among two other female siblings, rocis and nightmare, along with a very dominant male, rambo. they are all from the same litter and they are all the same age and play very well together. spice has been urinating in very starnge places lately. we keep the litter as clean as we can and even after it had jsut been cleaned she refuses to use it. she is a picky one. she only eats fish. she eatsa dry food, but when i purchase the can food and treats she wont eat them if they are not fish flavored. i am at a lost what to do. could u suggeswt anything that may be wrong with her. thank you.

it is always difficult to say what the problem could be in these cases as there are so many different things that could have triggered the urination.

First you have to consider ill health, could she have a urinary infection? I have some info on that here

Then you have to consider whether or not something has changed in the home that may have lead to your cat feeling unsettled in the home. Cats use urine as a territory marker but also has a way to make a place smell more like them which gives them confidence. the trouble is knowing what upset or change may have triggered the problem. i have a page of possible causes here /cat-urine.html

You did not mention if all of your cats are neutered or not. if not then this would be one of the reasons as the cats get older they will start to want to be more dominant etc.

Make sure you have lots of separate litter trays for cats, the smell of other cat urine is often a trigger to want to increase their own scent around the home.

best wishes Kate


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