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We found our cat on a golf course when she was approx 4 weeks old. She was very shy and sweet for the first several weeks. Also, very afraid of engine noise which was later explained by the vet who thinks she had her tail broken by a golf cart or car. After about 4 weeks of having her she started to play more rough, but as we read we did not encourage that behaviour and we had a lot of toys for her to play with. In the past couple weeks (she is about 5/6 months now) she has become overly aggressive and I often end up cut and scratched. About 1/2 the time she is sweet and we try to encourage that behaviour but more and more often she is becoming very violent, mostly toward me. She doesn't respond to "NO" or clapping as suggested on various websites. I am just wondering if this is something she will outgrow and I just have to wait for that...or if there is something we can do to help. We have tried to socialize her with other animals when she was young and that went fine...she is mostly just agressive with me and very occassionally my boyfriend.

you have not said whether or not you have spayed her, this will help if not. Also as you are doing everything right regards to playing with toys etc. you will have to try the discipline method of what is known as a negative response. Basically cats respond to positive and negative experiences. ie getting you to look at her, or talk to her, or even make a sound is a positive response. A negative one is the opposite ie silence, no eye contact and no contact.

I have written a web page about this method of discipline. It is very effective in the long run but does take some patience and persistence on your part. But in the end cats crave the positive response and will learn which behaviours get that from you. here is the page /cat-discipline.html

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