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Cats/Brothers fighting


The short of it is that my 5 yr old Himalayan brothers must have had an altercation.  One was injured very badly due to a bite on the butt which became abscessed.  We have watched them wrestle since they were born but never an incident such as this.
The vet says this will happen again.  I cannot bear the thought of giving one away.  I cannot bear the thought of having them be locked into separate rooms.
Is the vet right????  Once the abscess has healed could our family resume???  Tell me there is something I can do.


I wonder why the vet thinks it will happen again. he can't be certain and we don't know what the cause of the fight was, so we can't say.

I assume they are both neutered, as this could be one of the reasons for the fight if not.

If I were you I would keep them separate for just a few days and then go through a period of reintroduction (I have a web page about that here /introducing-cats.html) and take it from there.

If you are stressed and worried around them they will sense that and it will make them nervous too and possibly lash out again. Take things slowly and calmly and let your cats know that all is well in the home. the introduction period allows them to calm down and to get to know the other cat again under controlled calm situations. Hopefully it was just a one off and nothing as serious as this will happen again

best wishes Kate


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