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I have 8 cats. 1 female 4yrs old. 1 male 2 yrs old. 1 male 8 months old. 1 male 18 yrs old and 4 kittens 5 months old. All are rescued strays. The problem we have now is that the 4 yr old female is peeing on things, clothes, newspapers etc. She is rather anti-social with the other cats and only wants to be somewhat friendly with me. She will only let my wife pet her for a few minutes at a time. The 2 yr old and 8 month old male like to chase her around and she hates it. She likes the kittens but won't play with them. We don't know what to do about the peeing and really can't deal with it. I heard somewhere that when she was spayed it may have been incomplete and that she might be displaying some "mating" behavior. Any suggestions?? We don't want to have to try to adopt her out.

this sort of behavior is more to do with trying to establish her place in the home amongst all the other cats. the problem is cats are not pack animals like dogs and so don't usually live togeather in large groups.

Some cats settle down and just tolerate each other while others may never be totally happy and the urination may always continue at some level. It may be that you may have to consider that this cat may be happier in ahome on her own or with just one other cat etc. There is no magic wand to stop the behavior i'm afarid.

You could try isolating her for a week or so in one room with her bed toys and litter tray and see if that calms her down. Then reintroduce her slowly to the other cats again. But there are no gaurantees.

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