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Hi My black british shorthaired cat who has white skin recently licked all the fur off her front leg, it went red and raised and she would not leave it alone. She had the same thing happen same time last year. where as last year I took her to the vets who gave me some pills to stop the itching, and cost a fortune, this year i bought some balm to stop the itching which had tree tea oil in it to heal, it worked fine after only 3 days and she stopped licking it but now the skin has gone black, she seems fine and is eating ok and every thing but why has it gone black and will the fur grow back?

it depends what was causing the itching and if it has completely cleared up or is the tea tree oil so nasty to taste that the cat is putting up with the itching etc instead of licking it.

Usually black skin is a sign of dead skin or scar tissue. I really would take her to the vets to have it checked out incase there is still some sort of infection or parasite problem.

I really couldn't say if the fur will return as i say it does rather depend on what the problem was or is.

best wishes Kate


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