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My cat is 2 1/2 years old. i adopted her when she was just a kitten when i got her shortly after she started urinating outside of the litter box on my bed. well we figured that out and that she didnt like the litter box liners. ok so we got that figured out and now the only time she does it is when her litter box needs cleaning. i scoop everynight but just recently in the past two weeks has urinated mulitple times and i dont know what to do cause this cat is my life and i cant put her down for this! i need help i dont know what to do... also could you give me some advice on the fact that i have a 2 year old little girl that she doesnt not like and hisses and bites her for no reason how can i change that or what can i do!! please help!

firstly do not worry the problems you talk about can be over come they just need some time, patience and persistence.

i get asked these sort of questions all the time and as I tell everyone there is no one answer to the problem as it can be caused by so many different things. The trick is to discover the cause.

Because there are so many possible causes I have written a page about the problem which outlines some of the possible causes etc can I recommend that you read it and see if your cat could be reacting to something. here is the page

As for your little girl and the cat it could be all about how your daughter approaches the cat which has made them afraid of her. She really needs to try and bond with the cat on his terms. Bonding takes time and patience and as your daughter is so young you will have to supervise the bonding sessions. I also have a page about bonding with your cat here /new-cat.html

I hope all works out well soon for you all

best wishes Kate


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