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For 4 months now, my fiancee and I have been staying at my parents house, sleeping in the living room. Last night, one of her cats (she has females) peed on my sweater as well as peed no the blanket we were sleeping on, about 3 inches from my face. One of the cats has an issue with peeing outside the litter box, only because two of the three cats torment her and beat her up. Plastic has been put up on the couch and loveseat, both where the fourth cat, Leia, will pee at.

So, I am asking for help in trying to figure out why she is peeing on my items all of a sudden, and how to stop that, as well as possibly stop her from peeing on the couch/loveseat?

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well it is a territory thing. It is not uncommon for cats to urinate on clothes and bedding to make it smell more like them and make them feel confident in their home environment again.

You have come into the home and are sleeping in an area and spreading your scent around an area that would not have previously had this scent. the cat is trying to cover your scent.

Unfortunately it is not easy to dissuade them from doing it as they are not being naughty they are doing thing instinctively.

You will have to make sure the cats cannot get to you at night time and you will have to pack all your things away in the morning and spray the area with say a lemon scent(cats don't like citrus smells and should stay away from the area) the lemon will also cover your scent.

I have a web page about this sort of issue here
/cat-urine.html for your information.

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