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We have just adopted two kittens, Flo, a female, and Murray, a male. They are both about 6 weeks old. Both are still skittish towards us, but Flo seems more interested in playing than Murray, who does nothing but yowl throughout the day, although he plays with Flo a little. Neither kitty has been to the vet yet; we wanted to let them get used to us first before we take them. How can I stop Murray's almost-constant yowling? Nothing we've tried so far has worked.

the quick answer is you can't really. SOme cats are just more vocal especailly when the are still feeling a little unsettled or unsure of their environement.

Try keeping them in one room for a day or so that they can become more sure of a smaller space. Also so will have to make sue they have plenty to do to keep them amused and distracted.

I have a web site with lots of advice re behaviour etc perhaps take a look at this page first /cat-meowing.html

It may give you some more information that will help.

best wishes kate


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